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Our Story

The Serrano is owned by privately held real estate investment and development firm Bonjour Capital. Originally a designer jean and sportswear company, the Bonjour brand was iconic during the ‘80s and early ‘90s. One of the few Manhattan based companies at the time, its advertising became an integral part of the city’s cultural landscape, most famous of which was the city-wide branding on the sides of buses – an original innovative idea at the time that has become a common part of our experience in the city today

Decades of identifying and delivering trends in NYC fashion has made the segue into real estate development a natural progression for Bonjour. Their goal is to continue its legacy in Manhattan by creating residential properties infused with its signature chic style, thereby elevating neighborhoods and adding value to the surrounding communities.

As property owners, their careful attention to detail and genuine desire to provide the highest quality of living for their residents has consistently set them apart. They do not simply develop properties; they take genuine interest in learning all that they can about the neighborhood to bring a unique living experience to New York City residents.

Bonjour Capital’s care and dedication to their residents helped shape their vision in creating The Serrano, which is named after the peaceful village of Serrano in southern Italy. The design is meant to mirror that pastoral town and offers an oasis of luxe tranquility immediately upon entering its elegant lobby. Strong Italian influences are evident in The Serrano’s décor, beginning with B&B Italia sofas in the lobby that were carefully selected to mimic the curved shape and azure color of the Italian seacoast. The intricate custom millwork found throughout the residence – The Serrano’s signature feature – was inspired by the wooden vats that hold plump olives in Serrano’s Italian groves. One-of-a-kind paintings by celebrated artists complete The Serrano’s serene aesthetic, offering white glove elegance and a boutique ambience in a practical, functional manner. This residence imbues peaceful tranquility and elegant respite in every detail – instantly transporting residents from the hustle and bustle of New York City to the calming Italian seacoast-like atmosphere.